Our Vision

The vision of the Travel Health Group is: a malaria free world in 2030. This is a very high goal that drives our team and our partners. Malaria is very serious infectious disease with more than 214 million people that become ill and over 430.000 deaths per year, mainly amongst children below five years of age. We dedicate 1% of our annual turnover to malaria projects that bring our world closer to being malaria free. We support universities and individuals that work on innovations and solutions to eradicate malaria.

Malaria can be prevented, we are dedicated to this cause!


Travel & Health Care Products

With over 25 years of experience we are experts in travel & health care products.

Protect yourself with the products of Care Plus® against insect bites, the sun, poor hygienic conditions and contaminated drinking water. We also offer first aid solutions for the most common accidents both at home and while travelling.

Care Plus® encourages consumers, travellers, tourists, and day trippers to be as safe and healthy as possible. Care Plus® has an extensive selection of products which are specifically designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and protected on your travels. All products are easy to take with you: the products are available in various (travel) sizes and have been developed by travel experts. Whether you stay in your home country, travel around Europe, or go somewhere tropical, Care Plus® can help you with the preparations beforehand and on site!

Providing information and education about the products, the risks and safe traveling are important to us. That is why we have been committed to develop en publish readable information material for consumers and retailers for over 25 years. This makes us the specialist in the field of travel & health care.

The products of Care Plus® are grouped into four categories: Insect Bite Prevention, First Aid, Hygiene and Sun Protection.

Care Plus® – Insect Bite Prevention

Care Plus® has been developing effective tools for over 25 years to prevent and treat insect bites. Besides annoying, an insect bite can also be dangerous! Many travel-related diseases are spread by insects like mosquitoes. For example, an mosquito bite can cause malaria, dengue fever or yellow fever. You can contract Lyme disease from a tick bite. Prevent nasty and life-threatening diseases and protect yourself and your family optimally against insect bites with Anti-Insect products of Care Plus®.

Anti-Insect range

  • Care Plus® DEET – In various percentages (maximum 50%)
  • Care Plus® Natural – Citrodiol®
  • Care Plus® Sensitive – Icradin
  • Care Plus® Anti-Tick – Citriodiol®
  • Care Plus® 2in1 Anti-Insect and sunprotection – Icradin
  • Care Plus® Bugsox
  • (Impregnated) Mosquitonets

First-Aid for insect bites

  • Care Plus® Click-away
  • Care Plus® Insect SOS gel
  • Care Plus® Tick-remover
  • Tick2Go
  • Venimex Gifzuiger

Care Plus® – Sun Protection

Want to protect your skin against aging, sunburn and cell damage caused by the sun? Do you want to be assured of optimal sun protection? Choose the professional sun care products from Care Plus®! Care Plus® has been developing effective and responsible products for home and travel with care for more than 25 years. With a Care Plus® sunscreen you know that you are getting the best quality.

Care Plus® offers innovative sun protection products:

  • Care Plus® 2in1 Anti-Insect and sunprotection /
    aftersun –Icradin
  • Care Plus® Sun protection outdoor & sea SPF50
  • Care Plus® Sun protection Face & Lip SPF50
  • Care Plus® Sun protection Lipstick SPF50
  • Care Plus® Aftersun lotion

Care Plus® – First Aid

Are you sure that your first aid kit is good and complete? Choose a first aid kit from Care Plus®! For more than 25 years, Care Plus® has been carefully assembling first aid kits and bandage boxes for home and travel. We develop effective and responsible products and resources for your health. Every Care Plus® first aid kit is carefully put together in collaboration with travel doctors and experts. A blister, an insect or tick bite, a nasty wound… it can happen to you. The trick is to ensure that you handle it well. With the first aid kits, bandage boxes and first aid accessories from Care Plus® you are always perfectly prepared for accidents and emergencies!

  • First aid kits in various sizes and for different situations
  • First aid accessories
  • Foot care

Care Plus® – Hygiene/water

Pure drinking water and good personal hygiene are the basic elements needed for good health. But when you travel, you often have to deal with less-than-clean drinking water and hygienic conditions. Nevertheless, you can make safe drinking water anywhere in the world and maintain good personal hygiene with the Care Plus® products in your bag!

Care Plus® offers the following products to maintain your personal hygiene and a good fluid balance:

  • Bio Soap
  • Care Plus® O.R.S. (Oral Rehadration Salt)
  • Care Plus® Waterfilter
  • Care Plus® Hadex (drinkwater desinfectiemiddel)
  • Care Plus® Pro Hygiene handgel
  • Care Plus® Travel Towel Microfibre
  • Care Plus® Travel John plaszak

Better safe than sorry. So go healthy, prepared and protected on your trip in order to fully enjoy it! Safe Travels, Great Stories!